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Bavarian Auto Werke, Ambassadors for Your Passion

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We all have a first car story that may evoke a sense of freedom that is hard to quantify in later life. A feeling so simple that it is almost impossible to recapture. The relevance of cars has diminished over the last ten years, but it is still a right of passage for millions of kids just itching to feel the independence of the road. If your first car was a broken down family sedan, an anemic four cylinder or even a minivan, you had, what most people will describe as, your first taste of true freedom. At that point a passion might have started to develop, that fire that is almost unquenchable in its thirst. It is from this level of passion that gave birth to an idea so powerful that it can only be accurately described as an obsession. Does this sound like you? Are you an individual that is driven by passion? Be it the passion for fine automobiles or simply the desire to enjoy the best things in life. If that is you, chances are you have crossed paths with a BMW. It may have been your first car, or your current car, but regardless, BMW’s are unforgettable.

High End Service

At Bavarian Auto Werke we understand that feeling, and our goal is to keep the passion alive. As Chicagoland’s leading BMW and MINI Service center, we see ourselves as the ambassadors of passion. Much more than simply your local mechanic, Bavarian Auto Werke is a boutique auto shop with a true passion for BMW and MINI. Our clients are from all walks of life but a common, DNA based, genetic fingerprint lurks just below the surface, the appreciation of exceptional automotive engineering. It takes commitment to become BMW experts, and not many are afforded the opportunity to become the best. The BMW STEP (Service Tech Training Program) program is an elite training system that graduates only the finest vehicle technicians in the world. Think of STEP as the Navy Seals of the high-end automotive industry. The designation is much more than simply a diploma on a wall, it signifies that the alumnus is one of the top in the country. We just happen to have that STEP diploma on our wall and the passion to go with it.

The Best in Chicago

When you choose Bavarian Auto Werke for your next BMW or MINI service, you are truly doing yourself a favor. Our technicians are certified, extremely talented, and will go out of their way to provide you with the best possible service. No matter what kind of repairs you need for your BMW or MINI, Bavarian Auto Werke can handle it. We are a full service shop that wholeheartedly puts our clients and their cars first. A big part of our inspection services is to identify issues that have the potential to become larger problems down the road. Our early detection program is dedicated to saving you money in the long run. The experience of our technicians allow us to catch problems that can be catastrophic in the future, allowing for a much more simple repair and much less hassle for the vehicle owner.

We Share Your Passion

The bottom line is, we want you to feel that freedom and passion that drove you to BMW in the first place, for many years to come. We are invested in providing the finest BMW and MINI service in the area. Our love of BMW’s is only matched by our desire to offer a hassle free service experience. Our clients are why we got into this business, from the like minded individuals that can spend an afternoon bench racing and know the M3 from the X5, to the mild enthusiast who simply appreciates a spectacular automobile we serve them all. Do you still have that old BMW that was your first car? Many BMW enthusiasts have a tendency to hang on cars of significance, and if that is you, maybe it is the right time to have the old girl restored. Bavarian Auto Werke is also a skilled restoration facility, specializing in factory, racing and custom restorations of classic BMW’s and MINI’s. Join us next time, when we talk more about restorations! Until then, check out our specials page for a limited time, special price on coolant service, just in time for summer!

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