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Bavarian Auto Werke, The Performance Experts

What is it about the automobile that sparks so much passion and dedication? From the time we receive our driver’s licence the bug burrows deep in our subconscious and the need to drive, simply for the pure joy of it, takes hold. OK so maybe it is not like that for everyone, but here at Bavarian Auto Werke we love BMW’s and the experience that they provide. We are truly living our dream in the fact that we have the finest BMW service center in the Chicagoland area. Day in and day out, we get to work with the finest people on the planet while working with the most exciting automobiles on the planet. It is truly a dream.

Racing Is Life

From the beginning of time, the human race has been consumed with making things go faster. Well, maybe not the beginningof time but pretty close, the guy who invented the wheel probably had a buddy that got his own, bigger and faster wheel. Thus began the speed wars that would rage throughout time and include pretty much every form of transportation known to man. Of course there is always the fact that humans probably developed running in order to avoid becoming dinner for some toothy critter, but running is not racing. Racing is the feel of a steering wheel vibrating under the straining g-forces of a road course. It is the flat-out, get down of a green light launch, hoping for the faster reaction time. Not to say that all racing needs to be about winning, it simply needs to be about you and the vehicle. A majority of racing consists of beating the clock or an adversary, but racing can take on many different forms and a BMW is the ideal vehicle for the journey.

Performance Is Attainable

Let’s say for instance that you are kicking around the idea of buying a BMW but really enjoy the performance aspect of the American hotrod. If that is the case, the BMW performance experts at Bavarian Auto Werke are able to take your new BMW and make it into an exciting, visceral driving machine. Once you taste the power of a luxury ride with a fire breathing engine, you will never go back to the old standards. The sheer exhilaration that you will feel when you have Bavarian Auto Werke upgrade the performance on your car is almost indescribable.

Performance is nothing in a real world car without reliability, and we only use the finest parts available; the good folks at Dinan are our supplier.

Dinan Performance

The exclusivity of the Dinan name is well known in the performance car community and they have chosen to focus completely on BMWs. The other performance parts manufacturers are not focused on one brand in general and the benefits are clear once you experience the Dinan difference. Need a bit more power from your M5? Through Dinan we can make your car into an imposing street monster all without sacrificing ride quality and, most importantly, a warranty on all of the installed parts. The options are endless and attaining your goal of a sporty, functional BMW is only limited by the size of your checkbook. Stack enough Dinan performance into your car and you could earn your ride a Dinan badge, which is only attainable for a car with a large selection of performance oriented Dinan parts. When you have a Dinan badge, the exclusivity of your car speaks for itself.

What if you don’t necessarily care about performance? Well, everyone has their thing, otherwise those little electric i3’s would not exist, at Bavarian Auto Werke, our goal is to provide you with the safest and most dependable car on the road, regardless of how fast it is. We perform services and repairs on every series of BMW and MINI that exist. So whether it is a simple routine service with a transmission flush and a set of wipers, a new round of brakes and rotors or even a new Dinan, 611 horsepower V10 to get the kids to school faster, we have you covered. You can rest easy when you trust your car to true BMW enthusiasts.

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