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Modified Restoration or Stock

There is a debate that has been raging for many years. Since the birth of the hot rod, custom cars have been a fringe part of the automotive industry. The old school gearheads who would chop a Model-T down to the ground and slap in a flathead V8 were probably looked at as incredibly radical to the generation that came before them. This generation might have held dear the stock appearance of the vehicles and resented the fact that the younger enthusiasts were hacking them up. At Bavarian Auto Werke, we know a thing or two about stock as well as performance upgrades. Specializing in BMW and MINI repair has allowed us to work on some of the most exciting cars to ever come out of Germany. On the surface, we might appear to be a regular auto shop that just so happens to specialize in the BMW and MINI badges. In reality, we are a full service performance shop, catering to the speed demon as well as the purist who prefers his vehicle stock. This being the case, we have often spent bench racing sessions debating the age old question, stock or modified?

Stock Restoration

Generally, the issue is raised during the restoration of a vehicle and the emotional decision to either leave the project stock, or go all out and add performance upgrades. Generally, when a vehicle is restored to factory specifications, every opportunity is taken to utilize the original parts for the vehicle. For instance each engine, frame and body have a unique number and maintaining the integrity of a numbers matching car is of utmost importance to a restoration purist. Those who preach for keeping a vehicle stock generally either have an emotional attachment to the vehicle the way it is, or the value of the car will go down if modified. That is the tricky thing about restorations, it is almost impossible to predict how the car will be valued down the road.

Modified Restoration

The modified restoration is for those who truly want to get as much out of the vehicle as possible. Adding modern components, up to the minute safety equipment, and even the different paint are all common modified restoration techniques. When you change elements such as the engine, steering, or seats in an original car, it almost always decreases the value. The upside to modified restorations is the ability to enjoy the car simply for what it is. The champion for the modified restoration is the customer who wants more than just a Sunday driver. Many times crate engines, updated electronics, and brakes are added to increase performance.

Get It Done!

No matter what kind of restoration you prefer, if you are looking to have your BMW or MINI restore look no further than your local BMW service center, Bavarian Auto Werke. Our restoration skills are legendary in the BMW community and we can do a stock or modified restoration for you. Contact us today if you are ready to pull the trigger on the restoration you have been putting off for years now. We promise you will love the results!


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