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The Cars of Our Youth

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Last time we talked about the passion that BMW owners and the mechanics at Bavarian Auto Werke share when it comes to their cars. The undeniable bond between a driver and their car is truly something special (much like the bond between driver and mechanic). It is also something that does not always come around twice. Much like your favorite dog, there is a bond that is almost indescribable. If you are a dog person you know what I am talking about. If you are a car (no, not cat) person, you are definitely, nodding your head right now. In every person’s life there is that special car that evokes emotions of a certain time and place, before cars became primarily about transportation. Cars were our way of celebrating freedom and much of that passes into the ether when we reach a certain age. The age where a car (or minivan) means transportation and a means to an end, no more is the journey part of the destination. The journey consists of electronics that vomit maps onto the dashboard and you are represented as an oscillating arrow in the cobweb of roads.

Relive the Journey

OK so maybe it is not that bad, in fact the technology of vehicles today is pretty awesome. There are many of us that long for the days of our youth, however, and a vehicle that had power windows as the most amazing piece of technology. Maybe you have an eye on a mid-90’s M-series or an even older, 2002 that you have always wanted. Well if this is the case, Bavarian Auto Werke is the place to start. We do full restorations on all BMWs and MINI models. If you have an old, basket case 3.0CSI from the 1970’s sitting behind the garage, just aching to be restored, we are the solution. With a passion for old BMWs and a mechanical expertise that is second to none, we can have your car back to factory standards faster than you can say AARP. But what if you don’t have a car that you need restored and have always had your eye on a 1960’s MINI Cooper and really would love to have one, look no further, Bavarian Auto Werke can find the car and restore it for you.

Full Service Restoration

A vehicle restoration is often viewed as nothing more than taking apart a car, fixing it and applying a shiny coat of paint. We see restorations as more of a rebirth, a chance to relive the days of our youth, and providing our clients with exactly the result they desire. Whether your passion is bone stock, vintage racing or rally car, we can make your restoration into the car of your dreams. We have a track record of success in BMW restorations and you can rest easy handing us the keys to your baby. You will be involved in the entire process from beginning to end and we are sure you will be completely satisfied with your restored BMW. Please contact us for more information about our restoration services and get ready to make the journey as important as the destination again!

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