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  1. Highly recommend!!!

    “Bought an X5 and needed all the preventive maintenance done. Amazing is all I can say. The care, advice, and attention I was given make Bavarian Auto Werke standout esp when compared to any dealership. My X5 is working perfectly this winter, and I feel very satisfied with the quality of workmanship Ryan has given. Highly recommend!!!” -John F.

  2. "Did great work"

    “Did great work. Would recommend trying them out. Will use them again.” -Richard Miriam

  3. "Would Recommend Again"

    “Did great work on my BMW. Would recommend it again. Saved me about half of what the dealer was asking for brakes.” -Danny Wies

  4. "Received Nice Customer Service"

    “Driving near my house yesterday behind an X5, I saw the advertisement on the car and called the place. Although the dealer just moved nearby (about 1 mile from my house, but I am more excited to know there is an independent shop specialized in BMWs close to my house. I called the shop and received nice customer service. I am looking forward to stopping by today to check the place out and get some estimates.” -Feras

  5. "I would use these guys again, no doubt"

    “I live in the city and my m5 was due for service. I got a quote from my local dealer and it was outrageous. So I went online and searched around, and found these guys at BAW. It was about 30 mins from downtown Chicago, but they saved me about six hundred dollars compared to what the dealer was going to charge. They also gave me a free brake fluid flush. I would use these guys again, no doubt.” -Jake F.

  6. "High quality and accurate work"

    “My experiences w/ BAW on my M3 have been very positive. High-quality and accurate work performed on a timely basis. I would recommend BAW to anybody with service needs for these specialty cars.” -Sean Treanor


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