1. Keeping Cool?

    The summer heat is blasting down upon us as we are reaching the height of summer. The heat in Chicago can get downright miserable. The theory being that urban areas generate more heat due to the urban heat island idea. The urban heat island model takes into account the distinct characteristics of cities and their propensity to give off more heat that a rural area would. Human-caused circumstances …Read More

  2. Modified Restoration or Stock?

    There is a debate that has been raging for many years. Since the birth of the hot rod, custom cars have been a fringe part of the automotive industry. The old school gearheads who would chop a Model-T down to the ground and slap in a flathead V8 were probably looked at as incredibly radical to the generation that came before them. This generation might have held dear the stock appearance of the ve…Read More

  3. BMW’s and Synthetic Oil

    What is it about synthetic oil that makes it so desirable? In order to answer that question, we should look at conventional oil and why synthetic has come to be considered superior to petroleum motor oil. At Bavarian Auto Werke, we perform hundreds of BMW oil changes each year and it is no secret that the factory in Germany mandates each oil change to be of the synthetic variety. This fundamentall…Read More

  4. Your BMW, The Perfect Performance Platform

    When was the last time you really experienced something? As we get older the likelihood that a truly thrilling event will need to involve the bathroom and a bag of prunes, becomes much more possible. That is where the BMW and MINI experts at Bavarian Auto Werke come in. We are Chicagoland’s finest specialty shop and have a little bit more than a “passing” interest in performance. Say for the…Read More

  5. The Cars of Our Youth

    Last time we talked about the passion that BMW owners and the mechanics at Bavarian Auto Werke share when it comes to their cars. The undeniable bond between a driver and their car is truly something special (much like the bond between driver and mechanic). It is also something that does not always come around twice. Much like your favorite dog, there is a bond that is almost indescribable. If you…Read More

  6. Bavarian Auto Werke, Ambassadors for Your Passion

    We all have a first car story that may evoke a sense of freedom that is hard to quantify in later life. A feeling so simple that it is almost impossible to recapture. The relevance of cars has diminished over the last ten years, but it is still a right of passage for millions of kids just itching to feel the independence of the road. If your first car was a broken down family sedan, an anemic four…Read More

  7. Bavarian Auto Werke, The Performance Experts

    What is it about the automobile that sparks so much passion and dedication? From the time we receive our driver’s licence the bug burrows deep in our subconscious and the need to drive, simply for the pure joy of it, takes hold. OK so maybe it is not like that for everyone, but here at Bavarian Auto Werke we love BMW’s and the experience that they provide. We are truly living our dream in the …Read More

  8. Welcome to Bavarian Auto Werke!

    We would like to welcome you to the leading independent BMW and MINI repair specialists. The problem with having a fine automobile like a BMW or MINI is the fact that you need to find a shop that is well versed in repairing them. Your need to have a competent repair shop that knows how to “talk” to your vehicle. Bavarian Auto Werke is Chicagoland’s finest repair facility this side of Munich.…Read More